Topeka Firefighters Say Farewell To Helpful Canine

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) For the past 8 years, "Boomer," Topeka Fire Department's Accelerant Detection Canine, has helped Topeka firefighters sniff out local fires to determine if they were set by arsonists.

"He loved to go to work-that was his main mission and his goal the whole time was to work and do good for people throughout the city," said his owner and partner investigator, Rusy Vollintine.

"Boomer would pick the exact spot we needed to take. He had a 90% accuracy rate with laboratory analysis," said Fire Investigator Michael Martin.

Earlier this week, 10-year-old Boomer lost his battle with cancer. His owner said it feels as though he lost of a family member, but he also says the fire department lost of a vital member of their team.

"We traveled over 80,000 miles together, so you build a bond," says Vollintine.

"He was just a very friendly dog that loved to do his job and came to work everyday with a wagging tail," said Lt. Diane Hawkins.

"He was a tool that we used in our tool box, but he was much more than that," said Martin.

Fire department officials say Boomer will never be forgotten.

"He did a lot of good, he solved a lot or crimes," said Vollintine.

"We had a fire this morning and first thing I thought was I wish I had Boomer with me," said Martin.