After Son Dies Topeka Jeweler Surprises Mom With His Last Gift

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- A local diamond store gave a surprise gift to a deserving customer.

Debbie Kealy and her 36-year-old son, Jason, share a close bond. A few months ago, the two went Christmas shopping at Diamonds by Design.

"He knows I love jewelry and I love rings," says Debbie.

The store manager says Jason picked out a sapphire and diamond ring for his mother.

"He really loved the ring and wanted his mom to have it," said store manager Jessica Schaefer.

But Debbie says there was no way she could afford it, so Jason decided to put it on layaway for his mother and help her with the payments.

Then, on September 22nd, Jason suddenly passed away inside his home due to heart problems with his mother right by his side.

"I started CPR on him and everything but I knew he was already gone by that time, you know, cause he started turning blue," Debbie cries.

Diamonds by Design workers did their routine payment calls and when they called Debbie, they learned about her situation: Debbie couldn't pay the remaining balance on the ring.

The store co-owner did the unexpected: she mailed a UPS box to Debbie's doorstep with no additional charge.

"And I'm like no way, and I opened the box of course I was shaking and I opened the box and lo and behold the ring that Jason had picked out for me was in that box," says Debbie.

"We just felt like it was the right thing to do and you know bring a little joy into her life," says Diamonds by Design co-owner, Marcia Brenner.

Debbie says the beautiful ring will always remind her of her beloved son.

"It just means the world to me that they did that," says Debbie.

The ring was worth $900.