Topeka City Council Rules Campos Followed Improper Procedures

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- What began as an attempt to clean up a neighborhood has caused Topeka City Council members to give one of their own the cold shoulder.

For 5 months, Councilman Campos says he watched trash pile up in the yard of a home at 746 NE Arter. He said he felt the city was neglecting numerous code violations, so he decided to take a stand...

"We have a rich tradition in the second district to just take some decisive action and take your community back in a lot of ways," said Campos.

After the cleanup, Campos became critical of the city's efforts to handle the situation. He did not know the city was handling the situation through a legal process. A process that the rest of the council believes he should have followed. The council body voted 8 to 1 that Campos acted on his own and not a part of the governing body.

District 6 Councilman Chad Manspeaker said, "The reality is that the council doesn't want to send a message that it's ok with our elected officials taking justice into their own hands. Which is essentially what happened."

Campos hopes a meeting with city manager Jim Colson can clear things up.

Campos said, "The best part, is that we will have an opportunity to work together and create a better Topeka."

City Communications Director Suzie Gilbert confirmed the City Manger's meeting with Councilman Campos will take place tomorrow morning.

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