Topeka City Council Member Announces Candidacy For Mayor

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-A Topeka City Council member hopes to move into the Mayor's chair.

Larry Wolgast formally announced his plans this afternoon to run for Topeka Mayor. His speech focused on his commitment to public safety and the need for infrastructure to eliminate frequent water main breaks.

"I will devote full time working to achieve the greatest potential for our capital city; one that is safe, has strong neighborhoods, a strengthened infrastructure and a revitalized downtown. I ask you to join me and together with your support and participation we will move Topeka forward," said Larry Wolgast.

He currently is the Topeka Deputy Mayor. So far, Wolgast is the only person to confirm he's seeking the position for Mayor.

The current Mayor, Bill Bunten, says he won't seek re-election.