City Launches 24/7 Customer Service App, Approves Bikeways

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- The City of Topeka is striving for superior customer service with a brand new citizen relationship management system called Topeka e311.

Topeka e311 is a free online and mobile app service that allows residents to access information and timely answers to questions from city employees. The service was presented to members of the Topeka City Council Tuesday.

"It allows a lot of transparency, " said Monique Glaude', resident liaison for the city. "A citizen can go in at any time with a question and if the answer isn't readily available they can create an account and ask that specific question and get a response within 48 hours, with the exception of weekends and holidays."

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Also on Tuesday evening's agenda, phase one of a nine trail Topeka bikeways master plan. Council members approved the project budget and resolution unanimously.

The $1.62 million project includes street signs and trail improvement along with construction and interconnecting bike routes.

Supporters say its a big step towards making Topeka bike friendly.

"Hopefully it will put the infrastructure out there to comfort the people who want to ride but up until now haven't felt comfortable on the roads," said Andy Fry, bicyclist.

"The bikeways will help everybody get back and forth to the trails as well as schools, community centers, shopping, other destinations and work, " said Karen Hiller, district 1 council member. "The plan that we did looked at how to get people safely all across town."

Topeka City Council members were also scheduled to vote on an ordinance regulating temporary signs, but delayed a decision until January 14, 2014.