Topeka: 14 Trucks Out Clearing Roadways

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Tuesday morning update from the City of Topeka:

TOPEKA, Kan. – By 7:00 a.m. this morning, street crews has treated all primary and secondary routes with deicing material. The material melted the majority of overnight accumulation, but City roadways could still have about an inch of snow and slush. Citizens should be advised that intersections could be slick.

Fourteen trucks are out treating all problem locations called in by police dispatch and emergency management officials. One truck has been assigned to work the perimeter and all drive approaches into the Expocentre and Ag Hall to help with the centralized voting plan. Street crews have a mix of deicing material on the roadway. Rush hour traffic has allowed the material to begin to work and melt the slush. If the temperatures rise to the forecasted highs, the material should allow for a brine to develop, and the slush will transition to running water.

If weather conditions improve, street officials will reassign some staff to pick up and haul remaining snow piles in the central business district. The City’s day crew will remain on duty until 7:00 p.m. shift change. At that time, another full shift will arrive to deal with snow expected to develop this evening. Crews will remain activated until they have fully cleared roadways and no additional precipitation is forecasted.

Please call the City’s 24-hour hotline at 368-3111 to report any problem areas.