Shawnee County Lists Largest Property Tax Delinquencies

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Unpaid property taxes in Shawnee County total a million dollars more than last year.

County officials added up the numbers in trying to get to the bottom of a $900,000 budget hole. Five of the 10 biggest outstanding tax bills are properties owned by the same developer, who's already in bankruptcy court.

County counselor Rich Eckert told commissioners Thursday that the numbers show the county is lucky the budget shortfall isn't worse. He says Shawnee County will publish a list next week of 5800 parcels with delinquent 2012 property taxes totaling more than $8.4 million.

Five of the 10 properties owing the most are owned by Kent Lindemuth. Gage Shopping Center and Villa West Shopping Center at 29th and Wanamaker are among his 173 properties with an outstanding bill totaling $1.8 million.

Eckert says the county's share of that amount is $527,000, or more than half of the year's revenue decline.

Lindemuth declared bankruptcy last fall and does not have to pay his 2011 outstanding tax bill as part of the petition. Eckert says he is required to pay the 2012 bill, however the bankruptcy stay means the county has no way to enforce payment. For example, Eckert says the Lindemuth properties will not be included in the county's list published in the newspaper.

Eckert also compiled a top ten list without the Lindemuth properties. Topping that list is Wood Valley Racquet Club with nearly $64,000 unpaid while the owners of Gage Bowl had a 2012 bill of $44,000.

Among others on the list is Hardee's Alamaba LLC, for the Johnny Carino's restaurant building.

While some of the tax bills may be under appeal, Eckert says the county historically has been successful in having its commercial appraisals upheld.

County appraiser Mark Hixon says the unpaid tax bills are concerning because they increase the burden on those who do pay their bills. Hixon compared it to a mules pulling a wagon and each needing to do their part to share the weight. When people don't pay their fair share of property taxes, he says, everyone else has to pay moe.

Eckert says the county does factor unpaid taxes into its budget, but this large of an increase wasn't necessarily expected.

Top 10 Parcels On The Shawnee County Delinquent Tax List:
Numbers were released by Shawnee County Aug. 1, 2013

There are currently 5,800 parcels with $8,451,299.40 in delinquent taxes in Shawnee County. These are the top 10, according to the county.

Owner / Taxes Owed / Address / Description / Tax Years Delinquent

1. Lindemuth, Inc. $304,379.68 4117 SW Huntoon Shopping Center at Huntoon & Gage 2011,2012

2. Lindemuth, inc. $200,173.21 6020 SW 29th Street Villa West Shopping Center 2012

3. Kanza Capital LLC $157,784.55 719 S Kansas Ave Office Building 2011, 2012

4. Arbor Valley Sr Homes $74,138.72 6423 SW Huntoon 19 Residential Units (near Huntoon and Urish) 2011, 2012

5. Topeka SSA, LLC $68,087.24 600 SW Commerce Pl. Social Security Office (SW 6th & Commerce Pl.) 2011, 2012

6. Croco Crossing Investments $67,972.07 2841 SE Croco Rd. Shopping Center at 29th & Croco 2010, 2011, 2012

7. Lindemuth, Inc. $64,306.73 2942 SW Wanamaker Rd. Office Building 2012

8. Wood Valley Racquet Club $63,712.05 2909 SW 37th Fitness Center 2012

9. Bellaire Shopping Center $63,670.78 3343 SW Topeka Blvd. Shopping Center at SW Croix & topeka Boulevard 2012

10. KDL, Inc. $61,565.63 5001 SW 29th St. Shopping Center at 29th and Fairlawn 2012

Top 10 Parcels On The Shawnee County Delinquent Tax List (list reflects 2012 only and not owned by Lindemuth):
Numbers were released by Shawnee County Aug. 1, 2013

1. Wood Valley Racquet Club $63,712.05 2909 SW 37th Fitness Center

2. Rekat Recreation, Inc. $44,665.05 4200 SW Huntoon Gage Bowl

3. 3 B's LLC $41,438.44 3512 SW Fairlawn Office Bldg

4. Freeman Glenn, LLC $33,537.83 2025 SW Urish Rd Urish Shopping Center

5. Deer Creek Valley RV Park, LLC $30,882.90 3130 SE 21st St.

6. Chavez, Trinidad 7 Rachel $23,893.92 2400 S. Kansas Ave. Warehouse

7. Hardee's Alabama LLC $23,118.12 6130 SW 6th Johnny Carino's Bldg

8. Thompson-Crawley Furniture $21,813.05 1720 NW Topeka Blvd Retail store

9. Cullinan Companies, LLC $18,855.42 SW 6th/Wanamaker Vacant lot

10. Slgupta, Inc. $18,734.15 700 SW Fairlawn Rd Best Western Bldg