Time Lapse - Landslide Swallows Utah Home

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (KUTV) 27 homes were evacuated following a landslide that crushed a home in North Salt Lake Tuesday morning.

Officials are concerned the slide is threatening homes in the area. Three homes are said to be immediately threatened, but 27 were evacuated as a precaution according to South Davis Metro Fire Department. Residents have been asked to grab essential items from their homes and to leave to a safe area while crews continue assess the situation.

Crews are working to help minimize potential damage to the area. Waterlines have been shut off in the immediate area. Pools along the landslide area have also been drained to prevent a potential tidal wave effect. South Davis Metro Fire says they are using equipment to build a berm in to prepare for potential heavy rain, hoping to channel the water away from the landslide area.

The incident started about a week and a half ago on the hill above the Eagle Ridge Tennis and Swim Club on Parkway Dr. Neighbors say they noticed the earth begin to move when a developer began prepping several lots at the top of the hill.

Posted by Greg Palmer