Tiger, Mountain Lions, Bobcat Taken From NE Kansas Property

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Release from Atchison County

In early March the Atchison County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation into an animal complaint near 262nd and Neosho Road in Atchison County. The investigation involved a Tiger, Mountain Lions, Bobcats, Lynx, Serval, and skunks.

On first inspection of the property it was noticed that the property and cages were inadequate for animals to be living. It was also found that the cages that the animals were living in were not secure, stable, and out of compliance for exotic animals to be housed.

During this investigation the Atchison County Sheriff’s along with the Humane Society of United States cordinated and prepared a plan for the seizure of the animals.

On 05/05/2013, with assistance from the Humane Society of United States, Kansas City Zoo, and Big Cat Rescue the Atchison County Sheriff’s Office safely seized the animals and the HSUS has placed the animals at approved facilities.

The owner of the animals (Mathew B Baker 54 YO) has been cited for numerous animal violations. The suspect was taken into custody at the site of the animal rescue on unrelated charges. Mr. Baker has cooperated with authorities and released all the animals from that site to the rescue organizations.

Atchison Co. charges against Mathew Baker:

Count 1: 32-1302 Unlawful acts; compliance with USDA regulations; USDA license: STAT

Count 2: 32-1303 Registration with local animal control authority; notification; microchip implant; inspection.: STAT

Count 3: 32-1304 Fees; liability coverage or bond.: STAT

Count 4: 32-1305 Health and ownership records; change of address notification; escape notification.: STAT

Count 5: 32-1306 Cage and care requirements; physical contact prohibition.: STAT

(a) All dangerous regulated animals shall be confined within a cage of sufficient strength and design for the purposes of maintaining and housing or transporting the animal. The requirements for sufficient caging shall be established by rules and regulations adopted by the secretary of wildlife, parks and tourism. Any cage or confinement structure shall be constructed in such a manner that prohibits physical contact with any person other than such persons listed in subsection (d).

(c) A dangerous regulated animal shall not be mistreated, neglected, abandoned or deprived of necessary food, water and sustenance.

(d) A dangerous regulated animal shall not be allowed to come into physical contact with any person other than the person possessing the animal, the registered designated handler or a veterinarian administering medical examination, treatment or care.

(e) A dangerous regulated animal shall not be brought to any public property or commercial or retail establishment, except to bring the animal to a licensed veterinarian or veterinarian clinic.

Count 6: 21-6412(a)(2) Cruelty to animals; Abandon without provisions for care: STAT

(2) knowingly abandoning any animal in any place without making provisions for its proper care;

Count 7: 21-6412(a)(3) Cruelty to animals; Fail to provide food/water/shelter: STAT

(3) having physical custody of any animal and knowingly failing to provide such food, potable water, protection from the elements, opportunity for exercise and other care as is needed for the health or well-being of such kind of animal;

Count 8: 32-1002 Taking or dealing in wildilfe: STAT

(2) possess any wildlife, dead or alive, at any time or in any number, in this state;

Count 9: 32-911 Fur harvester licenses: STAT

(a) Except as otherwise provided by law or rules and regulations of the secretary, a valid Kansas furharvester license is required to:

(2) sell, ship or offer for sale or shipment any furbearing animal or its raw fur, pelt, skin or carcass.

Count 10: 32-951 Game breeder permits/reports: STAT

(a) Except as provided further, a game breeder permit is required to engage in the business of raising and selling game birds, game animals, furbearing animals or such other wildlife as required by rules and regulations adopted by the secretary in accordance with K.S.A. 32-805, and amendments thereto.