Three Young Girls Celebrate Birthday In A Surprising Way

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Three young girls are celebrating their birthdays in a way that may surprise you.

11-year-old Emmy Bidwell and her twin girl friends, 11-year-old Ella and 11-year-old Layla Hughes have birthdays a week apart and have always loved celebrating their birthday with presents that come along with it.

But, this year's birthday party was a little different.

The three girls are spending their birthday walking down shopping aisles, picking out gifts for a family they adopted from the Christmas Bureau.

"Because it makes me feel better when I'm giving instead of getting," said Ella Hughes.

"Because we get enough stuff, so we just wanted to do this so another family could have that," says her twin sister, Layla Hughes.

"Because we want to make a family happy, for our birthday because it makes us happy too," says Emmy Bidwell.

Jennifer Bidwell, Emmy's mother, signed up to adopted a family at the Topeka Christmas Bureau. And the mothers of the three girls couldn't be more proud.

"I think it's a great opportunity for the girls to look outside of themselves, to see that there are people out there that don't have as much as they do," says Emmy's mother, Jennifer Bidwell.

"To give back to somebody who maybe had a harder time," says Ella and Layla's mother, Brooke Hughes.

All three girls agree it feels much better to give than to receive.

"I just feel really happy that I'm doing something good," says Layla Hughes.

The three girls say they plan to arrange a time with the adopted family sometime next week to drop off the gifts.