Three Hundred Kansas Filipinos Celebrate Traditional Holiday In Topeka

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- Local Filipinos celebrated a traditional holiday Sunday evening.

Known as the biggest religious feast in the Phillipines, Sinulog, and
and its being celebrated right here in Topeka. The event was started by 25 Filipino teachers in the Topeka USD-501 district. It's set on the third Sunday of January. It's the celebration and honor of the infant Jesus.

" It comes from the root word, 'sinog,' which means the flow of water. The flow of water signifies the continuous process faith being carried from one place to another," said Core Organizer, Michael Obenieta.

300 Filipino Catholics from all over Kansas came to Most Pure Heart Church to eat delicious food.

"We have have roast pig which is a Filipino delicacy and vegetables and seafood," said Amanda Palaganas, Filipino Association member.

"It's like an orgy of food!" said Obenieta.

Food isn't the only important component of the holiday, dancing is as well. The bright colored costumes and elaborate choreography is made to mimic the Mardi Gras of Rio de Janero. Performers danced to the rhythm of the beat. The festival focuses on faith, yet members also want to focus on bringing the community together.

"This event is raising our faith. We are really needing that because of what is happening in our environment, our community, and world peace is our motto," said organizer, Concepcion Reyes.

Organizers say there are 400 to 500 Filipino families here in Topeka. The Filipino Association started 10 years ago and continues to grow.