Three Girls And A Birthday Wish To Make A Difference

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__Birthdays are typically reserved for presents, cake and ice cream, but three Topeka girls are turning it into something much more meaningful.

Like any girl weeks away from turning nine years old, Lorraine De La Isla has been planning a birthday wish, but it is one that involves giving back.

Lorraine said, "Instead of giving to myself I'd like to give to others because you see them out on the street and you want to help them. Sso this is our way of helping them.

Through online donations at, a lemonade stand, and selling snacks door to door, Lorriane, along with sister Cristina and friend Sophie, plan to raise $2,000 a piece for the Topeka Rescue Mission.

Its an idea that evolved, the kids say, through parenting, church and education. Sophie Hodges a seven year old, recalled an important lesson, saying, "My principal always says it is better to give than to receive."

Sisters Lorraine and Cristina are familiar with helping others, their mother Michelle De La Isla, represents district five as a City Council member and serves as Executive Director of Habitat For Humanity.

Michelle said, "I keep telling them on a regular basis to keep dreaming. Whatever you want, just dream it and I'll be there pushing you on. It can be crazy but it doesn't matter, just dream it. They started dreaming and for me its really exciting.

An anonymous donor quickly kick started the fundraising effort with $500, putting the girls on track to making a difference.

Ten year old, Cristina De La Isla said, "Some people think others are heroes and that's what I'm going to think about myself changing the world."

You can help donate at and searching for Girl's Birthday Wish.

You can also donate clothing by dropping off new or like-new clothes at the Habitats For Humanity offices at 2907 SW Topeka Blvd.,