Thieves Break Into Car, Steal Urn

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WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE)--A Wichita woman is trying to find out why someone broke into her car last night and stole her most valued possession.

Melissa Stout and her family went downtown Thursday night to watch fireworks. They parked in the parking garage near Gander Mountain, but when they returned to the vehicle, someone had broken in.

Melissa says she had a GPS and credit cards out in the open, but thieves stole a purse that contained her father's ashes.

"I just want my dad and I feel like I lost him," Stout said. "I feel like he could possibly be in the trash and that just doesn't seem right."

Melissa's father died four years ago from Esophageal Cancer. She has carried his ashes with her everyday since then to try to keep them safe. She says everything else in the purse can be replaced, but that the urn is priceless.

Police say anytime you leave valuables in your car, you're taking a risk.

"Taking valuables such as purses, and wallets, phones, out of the car, keep them with you, at the very least hide them in a trunk, so they're not visible where someone will see them and try to take them," said Wichita Police Lieutenant Doug Nolte.

If you know where the ashes are at, police say you can call 911, or drop them off at a substation anonymously.