The 2014 Topeka Tornado

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Early in the Evening of June 29th, 2014, a Sunday, A Tornado Watch was issued by the National Weather Service precluding what was expected to develop over the following several hours: violent thunderstorms with the potential to produce rotating updrafts and potentially tornadoes.

Sure enough after the first round of supercells migrated away from Topeka and the Shawnee Co. area, a small supercell developed just to Topeka's Southwest. This Storm would eventually drift towards the Northeast, taking aim right at the Capitol City.

Low rotation and a tight visible velocity couplet was detectable on radar and began to lower. As the visible "collar" or "wall" cloud descended on Huntoon hill, a tiny vortex began to lower until slight tornadic winds reached the ground. The storm then quickly drifted off towards the Northeast and the funnel rotation was not able to be sustained.