The Kansas Expocentre Went To The Dogs Saturday

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__A nationally recognized organization stopped in the capital city to judge some well trained canines in landon arena.

The Kansas Expocentre hosted the American Lennel Club dog show that had breeds from all around the world show up to compete.

"We have over one-thousand dogs at the show today (Saturday). We have dogs from all over the country. We have one dog I know that's from Mexico. We have west coast people here. We have many many of the number one dogs in the country right now at our show." Show Chairman Karen McFarlane shared.

The majority of the handlers start young, but for some it started with family.

"Started out as a teenager with my grandmother making me go to handling classes...and so far continued in. Enjoyed the sport for 23 years like i said." Said Sheltie owner Clarence Lee.

It may be that people get into this for numerous reasons, but for the dogs, it's not such a rough life.

"These dogs are very pampered. They like coming and being around so many people. They get petted a lot, they get treats. They get groomed and you know they are so used to it and it's personal time with them and they do like it." Stated McFarlane

"Brooke enjoys it....joey...this is his first weekend so he's brand new. Hes a new kid on the block so he's learning. He's kind of
ADD still." Joked Lee.

Clarence says he spends most of his time on the road at competitions, but winning makes it all worth it.

"Winning Dog International and I've done a couple best in shows as well with a special best in show with my dog. It's a big accolade. It's a stepping stone in your career as a dog person." Added Lee