The Final Tiger Cub Has A Name

Courtesy: Topeka Zoo

In early May, the Topeka Zoo welcomed three baby Sumatran Tiger Cubs. The name of the last of the cubs to be named, Cub #2 as she has been known, was announced today as Chlojo.

David and Karlun Callanan purchased the naming rights to the tiger cub at the Topeka Active 20/30 Club's Children's Benefit Auction and Gala on Saturday, August 2nd for $4,500. Half of the proceeds will go to the benefiting local children's charities through the Topeka Active 20/30 Club while the other half will be donated to Sumatran Tiger conservation efforts, as less than 500 Sumatran Tigers live in the wild today. So the tiger cubs are helping out kids in our community as well as their own species in the wild.

Mr. and Mrs. Callanan allowed their two daughters, Chloe (7) and Jolie (4) to decide on the name. They had to work together, and after two trips to the Zoo on Sunday and Monday respectively to see the cubs, and many name ideas thrown around including Stripey and Rose, the girls decided to keep it in the family and name the cub by combining their names, Chloe and Jolie, to form ChloJo.

The Tiger cubs have daily access to their outdoor enclosure until 10:30 each morning, but they also have continuous access to their den box so may not be visible at all times. All three cubs continue to grow and are becoming more and more playful.