Teenage Girls Lead Police On High Speed Chase After Stealing Liquor

Cabresha Hardwell | Alexis Hunter | Tieria Evans
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SALINA, Kan. (KAKE) -- Salina Police say four teenage girls, one of them 13 years old, led police on a chase after stealing from a liquor store.

It happened Wednesday night at Phil's Liquor in the 2300 block of Planet Avenue in Salina.

An employee tells us a co-worker spotted the teens swipe a bottle of vodka.

“"At that point I could see the bottle under the jacket and Lynette just said you need to give us the bottle back and leave and don't come back,” Lacey Buhrle said.

Buhrle says the teens refused and left. She called 911 while her co-worker took down their license plate number.

Police tell us an officer near I-135 and Magnolia spotted the car and tried to pull them over.

The teens led police on a high speed chase, reaching speeds of 95 miles per hour. They finally stopped 20 miles south of Salina in McPherson county.

Police arrested the three oldest teens, 18 year old Cabresha Hardwell, and 19 year olds Tieria Evans and Alexis Hunter.

All four teenagers face theft charges and because of the chase and the child in their car, the three oldest teens face contributing to child misconduct charges. The driver, Cabresha Hardwell, also facing eluding and fleeing a law enforcement officer and endangerment to a child charges.

Hardwell, Evans, and Hunter were booked into the Saline County Jail. The 13 year old was released to a parent.