Rylee Exceeding Expectations After Bicycle Wreck

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Last May, doctors questioned if Rylee Robinson would make it out of the hospital. This summer, she is looking forward to inspiring other kids to live life to the fullest despite being different.

Those who come into to contact with Rylee say there's something special about her. It's much more than that.

The 14 year old has overcome difficult odds. Last May, she was struck by a car while riding her bike along Topeka Boulevard. Suffering life threatening injuries including brain damage, she went through a number of surgeries, one to amputate her left leg.

"The doctors gave her very little chance of leaving the hospital with any function at all. So she has been exceeding expectations from the get go," said Kelli Robinson, Rylee's mother.

Now Rylee is ready for a new challenge, she has accepted a scholarship to attend the Amputee Coalitions Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp in Clarksville, Ohio on July 19th.

"I'm excited," said Rylee. .

The camp covers all expenses, including travel, and invites kids from across the country who have limb loss or limb difference. Inspiring campers to be independent, testing themselves and building new friendships.

Rylee said, "It is going to be good around people like me with and I can relate to them."

Since the accident, Rylee has found a new strength and determination. Something she hopes to pass on to fellow campers.

"Look at me, its not so bad. There were things I didn't think I could do but now I can. Being half legged is not so hard, said Rylee, with a smile.

Rylee is being honored by the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska with the 2014 GOAL Award. It honors patients for their outstanding courage and determination throughout their rehab.

The woman driving the car that hit Rylee, Rebecca Horting, is due to stand trial December 8th, on a count of Aggravated Battery, knowingly causing great bodily harm.