Topeka Teen Writes "Freedom" In Blood| Mclinn's Preliminary Hearing For Death Of Sasko

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LAWRENCE, Kan. Lawrence Police say the word "freedom" was written in blood on a wall when they found Harold Sasko's body inside his home in January. Friday, his suspected murderer, Topeka native Sarah Gonzalez Mclinn, appeared in a Lawrence courtroom.

Mclinn appeared in the Douglas County Courthouse in Lawrence for her preliminary hearing.

Mclinn is charged with first degree murder of 52-year-old Cici's Pizza owner Harold Sasko. Mclinn told officers she crushed Sasko's sleeping pills and put them inside his beer. He then collapsed, then officers say Mclinn said she used zip ties to bind his ankles and wrists. She used a hunting knife to slit his throat. Doctor Eric Mitchell, a forensic pathologist said in the courtroom Sasko died because of sharp force to the neck.

Lawrence Police say she traveled to Texas before they found her in Sasko's car in Florida more than one week later.

Detectives say Mclinn told them she used a red towel soaked in blood to write the word "freedom" on the wall because she wanted freedom from her life and wanted to know what it was like to kill someone.

Mclinn has a status hearing set for July 29th. The jury trail is set for August 4th. Both will be inside the Douglas County Courthouse in Division 5.