Teen Suffers Frostbite After Salt And Ice Challenge

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SALINA, Kan. (AP)-- A Salina teenager is recovering from severe burns on his arm after playing a new challenge game with friends.

Fifteen-year-old Zakree Lindsey had to go the emergency room Sunday after doing the ``ice and salt challenge.'' It involves sprinkling salt on an arm, pressing ice on the salt and seeing who can keep the ice on longest.

The salt lowers the freezing point of water and quickly pulls heat out of the surrounding tissue.

The Salina Journal reports Lindsey suffered a bad case of frostbite and huge blisters on his arm.

Lindsey's mother, Dawn Parson, says he suffered second- or third degree burns. She wants other parents to be aware of the new ``challenge'' game teens are playing.

Posted by: Lindsay Sax