Student Records High School Attack On Video

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- A 14-year-old freshman is recovering from a mild concussion after being punched numerous times in the hallways at Shawnee Heights High School.

Another student recorded the fight and briefly uploaded the video on You-Tube.

Classmates at Shawnee Heights say the fight was premeditated and resulted from the victim breaking up with a girl at the school.

Shawnee County Sheriff's Officials and the family of the victim, say they are thankful adults stepped in before things got worse.

Around 10:30 a.m. last Thursday, Shawnee County Sheriff's officials say a fight broke out in the south wing of Shawnee Heights High School.

Freshman Devantae Gibbs said, "I feel bad it was a straight jump. He couldn't even do anything about it, I was shocked.

Authorities and school officials are not releasing the names of either teen involved in the fight.

The attacker was taken to juvenile intake for disorderly conduct and fighting. The victim, who was struck numerous times in the head, was rushed to the emergency room where a relative tells 13 News he was treated for a mild concussion, bruising and a bloody nose.

Shawnee County Under Sheriff Terry Maple says fights in schools are common, but after seeing the video for the first time, there was one thing that stood out to him.

"What surprised me was the amount of people just standing around watching. I know that it is unusual at first, but you need to go tell someone," Maple said.

Maple says there is a school resource officer at every high school in Shawnee County and it's vital to fill them in on what's happening.

"If you see something or hear some rumblings of things going on, say something. Go tell an administrator or a school resource officer. A lot of times they can step in and do things that prevent this from happening," Maple said.

School officials would not comment on whether the attacker was punished, only saying it is a student disciplinary issue which requires privacy.