Tax Scam Targets Kansans

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TOPEKA, Kan (KAKE)- Customers have alerted the Kansas Department of Revenue to fraud schemes where taxpayers are threatened with garnishment if they don’t pay a tax debt.

The schemes involve a phone call or a letter, if taxpayers fall for the scheme any money they payout will be lost.

“We urge people to be cautious when they are contacted about a tax debt by anyone other than the Kansas Department of Revenue. If they are not sure if the caller or letter is legitimate, people should call the department to verify the information,” said Jeff Scott, who leads the department’s Compliance Enforcement Bureau.

All letters from the Kansas Department of Revenue will be on department letterhead and callers from department staff will identify themselves.

If people need to verify the legitimacy of a phone call or tax debt letter, they can call the department at (785) 296-6121.