TPD Says Crime Down This Year

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- The Topeka Police Department says the number of crimes is lower in Topeka compared to last year.

However, robberies to individuals in Topeka are up. Police say there were 24 more robberies this year than last year.

Topeka Police Chief Ron Miller released the 2014 Topeka crime statistics Wednesday evening.

"What I'm always concerned about is sometimes reporting crime stats does not reflect real crime because a lot of crime does not get reported, but its the only barometer that we have," said Miller.

Captain Brian Desch says there is an overall decrease in the capital city's property crime and violent crime.

"Overall we are down over 300 crimes for the first half of the year compared to 2013, which is very good," said Desch.

However, shoplifting in Topeka has gone up.

"That's up 48, 48 more crimes this year than we had last year that involves a lot of the businesses in town to try and deter shoplifting," said Desch.

Topeka Police Captain Steve Purney says there have been more calls to the Topeka Police Department from 635 SW Harrison than any surrounding building that's the same size and occupancy.

"We have several things right now in motion to fix it, recent change in management, securing doors that may have not been secured in the past," said Purney.