Survey Says: Moms Are A Bigger Influencer Than Friends

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- Teens are known for wanting to get away from their parents to spend as much time as possible with friends, but one study shows teens are not as influenced by those friends.

Sneaker brand Keds and the Girls Leadership Institute joined forces to survey boys and girls between 13 and 18 to find out what they really think of their parents.

They found that teen girls are almost twice a likely to pick their mom as the person who helps them be brave over their friends. Girls were almost five times more likely to pick mom as a role model over a friend. When teens needs help? They are three times as likely to turn to a parents for that support over a friend.

Other facts the survey found include:

- 77% of girls believe their mother helps them pursue goals bravely

- 63% of girls view their mother as a role model

- 48% of girls turn to their mothers for support first

- 86% of girls say their parents help them be brave

Over 70% of girls say the number one thing a parent can do to help a girl feel brave was to give them advice, followed by making them feel loved and supported.

Posted by: Lindsay Sax