Study Says U.S. Employees Doze Off At Work

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- A 2013 sleep study says American workers aren't getting enough sleep and often doze off in the workplace.

The study by the research company Virgin Pulse Institute found 15% of employees in the study dozed off at the office at least once a week. And the study of 1,140 employees at 3 U.S. companies found 30% of employees are unhappy with the quality of their sleep.

Dr. Williams Leeds is a Topeka sleep specialist at Pulmonary and Sleep Associates. He says adults should sleep 7-8 hours every night.

"Sleep is one third of our existence," says Leeds.

That 2013 sleep study found 76% of employees at U.S. based companies feel tired almost every day, and 40% doze off not every day but at least once a day each month.

"In terms of performance, if someone is sleep deprived, the answer is yes your performance can be like that of being intoxicated," says Leeds.

Dr. Leeds says stress, physical discomfort and what he calls 'artificial stimulation' attribute to keeping people awake at night.

"'Artificial stimulation' with cell phone and media that give us opportunities to stay stimulated," says Leeds.

And Dr. Leeds recommends staying active during the day to help fall asleep after shutting the lights off.

"Calming down, setting a sleep ritual and when its dark we go to sleep," says Leeds.

Dr. Leeds discourages the use of sleeping pills--he instead recommends exercising, and trying natural remedies.