Study Approved To Advance Kansas River Weir Safety

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Topeka City Council members on Tuesday (8/21) got the ball rolling on fixing what some call a killer dam. Members approved the budget for a study they hope will lwad to reduced hazards and danger for boaters at the Kansas River weir in Topeka.

The weir, east of the city's water treatment intakes, has claimed three lives in recent years. In 2007, Joshua Bryant and Richard Heyroth died there while canoeing, and Dr. Ryan Moore was killed while kayaking there last year. A boy and his father nearly drowned at the same spot in May.

Moore's mother and widow were at Tuesday's City Council meeting, showing support for the study. It's slated to cost the city $50 thousand from utility operating funds. Advocates hope to raise $10 thousand to defray the cost. Supporters say they simply want the Topeka dam to stop killing people.

Council members also approved a million-dollar budget for an ape and large carnivore quarantine at the Topeka Zoo. The zoo also got a $25 thousand grant from Heartland Healthy Neighborhoods to reduce sodium and caloric intake at their concession stand.