Students React To Alleged Murder For Hire Plot

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The alleged plan to murder four people at Topeka West High School has Topeka West students reacting on social media.

"I couldn't believe it. I really couldn't like I thought it was all a joke on Facebook. I thought people were just messing around but then when I came to school I thought oh my gosh I've seen it all over Facebook and everyone's talking about him," said Topeka West senior, Dakota Iott.

Topeka West High graduate Kazyon Coplin says Wednesday's news was unexpected.

"I don't really know him. I never really heard about him, but West doesn't seem like the type of place where that would happen. I mean when I went there it was a good school," says Coplin.

"He's nice, funny, class clown pretty much make fun of people, smart back to the teacher, didn't listen, didn't do a lot of work, copied a lot of people," says Iott.

USD 501 Director of Communications Ron Harbaugh told 13 News some reports that Topeka West was on lock down Wednesday afternoon were false. He did tell us teachers delayed the students' lunch hour by a few minutes to read a news brief about the situation.

"I think its good they prevented it from happening so no one would get hurt as far as people getting scared to go there -no not really," said Coplin.

"No not at all I'm not scared to go to this school its safe. There's a lot of cops the buildings are locked, its safe to me," says Iott.