Strangers Rescue Elderly Woman From Burning Home

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An elderly woman in South Carolina was in danger of losing her life inside her home when it caught fire.

Then, two strangers seemingly out of nowhere rescued her, and then left without the woman knowing the identities of her Good Samaritans, CBS affiliate WSPA Spartanburg reported.

Gladys Finley, who is 90 years old, was watching television Wednesday in her home close to Gaffney when she detected smoke, which was heavy enough that she couldn't make out the numbers on her phone to call 911.

That was when the two strangers came in through the front door. "One grabbed one arm, another grabbed the other arm, and they pulled me out," Finley told WSPA.

One of the men handed a jacket to Finley for warmth as they were outside. But no one knew who the men were as they had left the scene.

Finley said she was able to thank the man who lent her the coat. "He thought I was thanking him for his coat, you know, but I was thanking him for saving my life," she said.

Fire authorities attribute the fire possibly to a lamp. Meanwhile, Finley's family would like to thank the men properly for their act.