Steve Roberts Uses "N-Word" In Board Room Discussion

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-Kansas State Board of Education member Steve Roberts used the "n-word" at last month's board meeting which caused an uproar in the board room.

On April 16th, Roberts said the "n-word" after Topeka NAACP president Ben Scott expressed his views on the Board needing to do more so that students learn more about African American history in the classroom.

Roberts responded by saying that New York City banned the use of the "n-word" and that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used the "n-word" himself in his Letter from Birmingham Jail.

Roberts says he doesn't regret his choice of words which stunned some Kansas State of Education Board members

"I am taken aback by those comments and they are absolutely in my opinion totally unacceptable," said Scott.

" No one has been able to understand why we had to endure the monologue regarding the 'n-word', especially stating Rev. Dr. King," said (D) Carolyn Campbell, Board of Education member.