Statewide Bug Causes Delay At Treasurer's Office

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-- It's been two weeks since Larry Mah took office as the new Shawnee County Treasurer and Wednesday he hit a first.

It wasn't any of his doing though, another bug in the fraught new system that's been causing delays did not calculate property taxes properly, so offices statewide couldn't process renewals for about 3 hours.

The system was back up and running Wednesday afternoon.

Mah says he's working currently reviewing all processes and working on a new queuing system that should decrease wait times for customers.

"The program was developed in house here by the IT department of Shawnee County. That way we're able to customize it to our needs. We're really excited," Mah said.

"What you'll be able to do is go online or walk up to our kiosk that'll be available and it'll give you a number. It'll give you the estimated wait time.

"You'll be able to see online or on our display how many minutes before your number is available or going to be worked. And it'll give you text messages to your phone."

"It'll enable us to manage our customer load," he said.

Mah said the he hopes the system will be online in a month or so.