Spring Snows Surprise College Students Home From Spring Break

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) Many college students returned to school from Spring Break and say they didn't expect snow as a welcome back present.

College students spent their first day back from Spring Break shoveling and scraping car windows.

"Its been a real bummer to go to Spring Break and come back to this, its been a real drag," said K-State sophomore, Luke Sunderland.

"I was very surprised to wake up and head out to class to find it snowing," said K-State freshman, Ella Magerl.

Besides inconvenient, the snow in Riley County caused about 20 wrecks before noon.

Meanwhile, in Topeka the spring snows make it tough for Washburn University athletes to practice outside.

"So far this year the weather has been an issue, for softball, tennis, all the outdoor sports," said Washburn University's baseball coach, Steve Anson.

The baseball diamond at Washburn University is covered in a blanket of snow and the game schedule is affected.

"I think at this point we have lost 3 games, actually lost them to weather. We have had to reschedule them," said Anson.

"It's hard to play any sport when you are all bundled up with a lot of layers of clothing. You would rather feel more comfortable where you can feel you hands if you hit. You have to do everything indoors, it just makes everything 10 times harder. Snow makes everything worse," said Peyton Soicher, outfielder for Washburn University baseball team.

"It's Kansas! What do you say! You wait a couple hours and it's you know something you have to deal with," said Anson.

We can still see snow into April, so authorities remind drivers to reduce speed and distance between vehicles when it happens.