Southwest Publishing & Mailing Corp. Buys Jostens Building

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TOPEKA, KS---Southwest Publishing & Mailing Corporation announced today that it plans to expand and has purchased the former Jostens facility located at 4000 SE Adams Street. Currently operating out of three separate buildings in the North Topeka area, this move will allow Southwest Publishing to consolidate into one production facility and provide the company room for growth.

The former Jostens location offers Southwest Publishing an additional 50,000 square feet.

Part of the purchase also enables Southwest Publishing & Mailing Corporation to lease 30,000 square feet of office space to Jostens for the approximately 90 employees continuing to provide customer service, design, marketing and administrative services out of the Topeka location following Jostens’ concluding manufacturing operations in Topeka earlier this year.

Vickie Broxterman, plant administrator for Jostens said, “Jostens has a long history in the Topeka community and we are excited to retain a presence in the Topeka area and in the building to which we are accustomed in our work supporting Jostens’ services for our area schools as well as schools all over the country.”

“Southwest Publishing & Mailing Corporation has become a key employer and corporate player in our community,” said Topeka Mayor Larry Wolgast, who also chairs the Joint Economic Development Organization (JED0). “We are thrilled that their purchase of the Jostens facility will allow the potential for expansion of their operations and increased employment opportunities. Equally important is that both Southwest and Jostens come out ahead: keeping Jostens right here in our community and helping an existing company expand. It is vital that both companies will be remaining in Topeka and helping to maintain our strong economic base.”

Southwest Publishing & Mailing Corporation is a full service printer and lettershop specializing in offset printing & envelope manufacturing for direct mail production. David Ohse purchased the company in 1971 and moved operations to North Topeka in 1986.

Southwest Publishing & Mailing Corporation has a large customer base in the Washington, D.C. area as well as throughout the United States. Most of the direct mail produced is nonprofit fundraising mailing nationwide.

“We appreciate the assistance GO Topeka provided in bringing us to the table with Jostens and accessing State incentives and local assistance,” said Shane Hillmer, president of Southwest Publishing & Mailing Corporation. “The support has helped us bring our company under one roof, streamlining our business and allowing for expansion.”

Southwest Publishing has grown from 160 employees ten years ago to 260 today and will continue to grow with this expansion.

The move, scheduled to begin immediately, also provides space for a new web press that is scheduled for installation in October and will allow for additional pressmen and general staff. The total capital investment by Southwest Publishing for this expansion is $3.5 million including equipment.

Allan Towle, chairman of the Board for GO Topeka said, “We are delighted to have played a small part in bringing these two businesses together to create a win/win/win for these companies and the City of Topeka. By utilizing this existing space in the print industry sector, Southwest Publishing and Mailing Corporation is able to continue the strong growth they have experienced over the past 10 years, while supporting another company retain jobs here in Topeka.

“This project is yet another success from the collaborations made in our business community. When companies and businesses support one another we all benefit as a community from the retention and growth of a strong workforce,” said Doug Kinsinger, president and CEO of the Greater Topeka Chamber of Commerce/GO Topeka.