Local Residents React To Snowfall

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- The snow on the ground is a strikingly different scene from the 70 degree weather in Kansas earlier this week.

Residents in Holton bundled up to face the nearly five inches of snow that fell overnight. Lonnie Coder says it's very different from his wardrobe choice Monday when Kansas experienced record breaking warm weather.

As the snow fell, so did the temperatures and with it came extra work for some local businesses like Foster Ford.

“We use a snow rake,” said Coder, a sales representative at the car dealership. “But we haven't had to use it much this year.”

For others, like the local Dairy Queen, the cold kept customers away.

“A few days ago when it was warm, we did have a lot more customers,” said manager Janet Smithers. “But today it's been a little slow.”

Despite the extra difficulties, members of the Holton community welcome the snow.

“For the moisture that the farmers need for the crops,” said Smithers. “We like to see the snow and a little rain.”

And children are all for it too.

“It was a snow day, you can't beat snow days,” said Teri Schiffbauer, a parent and Holton resident.

With schools in Holton closed due to snow, it meant a day of outside activities for the kids, including shoveling and snowball fights.

“Oh, they were ready instantly,” said Schiffbauer. “I told them it had to get above freezing first and I don't know if it's ever reached it, but you know, now that the sun's out, we're ok.”

People say the ever changing weather is just part of living in Kansas.

“If you're from Kansas you're used to it,” said resident Karen Bagwell. “If you're not, stick around, it will change.”

Snow plows were out in full force today to get rid of ice and get Holton back to business.