Smoke Detectors Ready To Be Changed For Daylight Savings

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- It's Daylight Savings time, which means wind your clocks back, but don't forget about those smoke detectors!

Last night's fire at 1st Avenue and Louise Street ios a reminder to Topekans to update their smoke detectors along with their clocks.

The Topeka Fire Department urges residents to test smoke alarms every month, dust the alarms regularly and use lithium ion batteries.

If there isn't a smoke alarm in the home, a resident should buy one right away to avoid a disaster should a fire start.

Chief Cyndy Holt of the Topeka Fire Department said they are implementing a new fire prevention program.

"We encourage people to have smoke alarms and smoke detectors. This Saturday, it's time to change your batteries, for anyone who hasn't gotten any of our new smoke detectors," Holt said.

There is an application available to apply for a new smoke detector, which should replace any that are more than ten years old. Crews will go out to individual residences and install them.

For more information, call the Topeka Fire Department at (785) 368-4000.