Small Town Nursing Facility Accepting Paroled Offenders

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ALMA, Kan. (WIBW)- A small town nursing facility has been accepting paroled registered offenders, some violent, and that's causing major concern in the Wabaunsee County town of Alma.

Alma City Council member, Karen Wright, describes the town of Alma as a community where neighbors leave their doors unlocked and children run free.

"We live in these towns to get away from a lot of the big city problems," says Karen Wright.

But, the fact paroled violent offenders were living under the same roof as elderly residents at Alma Manor Nursing Center, outraged some residents.

"After all, elderly people get taken advantage of and everything, I know some people think you deserve a second chance, after you do your time, but once a con always a con," says concerned citizen, Arthur Wells.

Wabaunsee County Sheriff Doug Howser told 13 News he had to remove a paroled offender from the facility for violent behavior. He says a paroled offender is now staying at Alma Manor and says it's all about filling beds.

"And maximize their income, or whatever, so they are getting people from a variety of places," says Howser.

A concern raised by local residents is that the facility is walking distance to an Alma elementary school and Wabaunsee High School.

"And I fear for them, just as a mother, and as a City Councilwoman, also for all the other kids that are up around there," says Wright.

Howser says the facility isn't breaking any laws, but its staff is not trained to deal with violent offenders.

"I've talked with law enforcement, there's nothing that we can do," says Wright.

Jennifer Sourk from Alma Manor Nursing Center released this statement:

"Alma Manor is committed to the care and safety of its residents and employees. The residents of Alma Manor are in need of medical care and assistance which requires them to receive that treatment at the facility. All residents are screened at the time of admission and closely monitored by medical staff. We do not harbor any violent criminals nor does the facility have a history of violent incidents.
Further, it is protocol that if the facility has concerns about any resident, law enforcement is called to assist for the protection of the employees and residents. All incidents are reported to the state as required by law."