Sheffel Theater Clinic Celebrates Milestone

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The Sheffel Theater Clinic marked a marquee milestone Monday.

The clinic, which is part of the Topeka Performing Arts Center, celebrated its 20th anniversary by paying thanks to its supporters.

It came on a day when the clinic was in session. Sheffel introduces area third grade students to the wide world of live theater.

Monday, students from Tecumseh North got to participate in five workshops; each of them showing a different part of theater like acting, make-up and costumes.

"It helps them with self esteem, it helps them to work creatively as a group, it helps them with public speaking skills," said Jan Zarr, the Executive Director of the Topeka Performing Arts Center. "All those skills that we need on an everyday basis, the arts really help."

The clinic was founded in 1994 with a donation by Irv and the late Beth Sheffel in memory of their daughter Anita.