Shawnee County Treasurer Is Warning Residents Of Long Lines

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Shawnee County's Treasurer is warning you might find yourself waiting in line next week.

A two month grace period for heavy truck and trailer registrations that expired December 31st 2013, ends February 28th.

The state switched to a new registration system for those vehicles January 1st.

Shawnee County Treasurer Larry Mah says his office provided the service for Douglas, Jackson and Geary counties.

He expects the deadline will make the already busy last week of the month even busier.

"I envision people standing in lines in the hallways which I hope does not happen but we will have all that added to our regular activity," Mah.

Mah also reminds customers the Motor Vehicle Annex off Wanamaker will be closed February 28th due to remodeling, the courthouse location will remain open.