Shawnee Co. Courthouse Reopening Thursday After Closure

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW/AP) -- Flooding washed in by recent storms forced the Shawnee Co. Courthouse to close on Wednesday. Workers were evacuated because water got into the building's subbasement and near a transformer.

Shawnee County Sheriff's Lt. Akim Reynolds says before the courthouse was closed, power was out in three public elevators and some offices. The courthouse has four floors, a basement level and a subbasement level.

Crews from Westar and D.L. Smith were brought in to dry out the area and replace fuses. The power was turned back on later that afternoon and the courthouse will reopen Thursday morning, said Dave Sterbenz, Director of Shawnee Co. Emergency Management.

Since motor vehicle transaction were not available at the downtown location, the city was still handling them at its annex, 5938 SW 17th St.