Shawnee Co. Coroner Takes 15 Months For Infant's Autopsy Report

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TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) _ The Shawnee Co. Coroner has finally released a report on the cause of death of a 2 year-old girl, who was attacked by a pit bull mix at a relative's home in December 2012.

Savannah Edwards was with her mother, Amanda Ashwell, visiting the home at 5831 SE Cross when she was mauled. Savannah was rushed to the hospital where she died soon after arrival.

Shawnee County District coroner Donald Pojmann's faxed 13 News the coroner's report on Thursday. It says Savannah died from crushing head injuries.

Back when the attack happened,neighbors told us the dog's owner warned them that the pit bull would attack.

The Shawnee Co. District Attorney's Office says it never received an investigative report from the sheriff to consider possible charges. We asked the Sheriff's Office why a report would not have been forwarded in a child death case, but they have not yet answered.

The dog was put to death.

Posted by: Nick Viviani