Shawnee Co. Treasurer Launching New System To Ease Waits

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A new system is on its way to make those waits at the Shawnee County Treasurer's office a little less painful.

Crews are finishing up installation of kiosks at both the courthouse location and Wanamaker annex. They're part of a new queue system that Treasurer Larry Mah says will launch March 1.

People will be able to enter a phone number into the kiosk to get in line and find out how long estimated wait will be. Those who do not wish to wait at the office will receive a text when they are 20 minutes from being served.

Mah says the system will include a grace period. If a person is not there when their number is called, but arrives within 45 minutes afterward, they will be put at the front of the line when they arrive.

If all goes well with the in-person kiosks, Mah says he'll implement online signup in a week to ten days, enabling people to get in line from a home or work computer.

Mah says lines at the treasurer's office locations seem to be getting more reasonable. He says busier days and times might see some hour to hour and a half waits. He also reports occasional issues continue with the state's motor vehicle software system, launched in May. For example, he says, it went down for a time Friday afternoon.