Shawnee Co. Flooded With Weather Radio Requests

Dave Sterbenz

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - It took just a couple hours for Shawnee County Emergency Management to max out requests for its latest order of discount weather radios.

At their meeting Monday, Shawnee County Commissioners approved the purchase of an additional 500 radios. Emergency Management Director Dave Sterbenz says the department is participating in a grant program where the state picks up 75 percent of the cost, so the county can sell the radios to residents for $7.

By 10 am Tuesday, Sterbenz says, all the radios in the order were spoken for or reserved through a process put in place last week.

Due to the abundance of orders received, Sterbenz says he will not put any more names on the waiting list. People who called in before 10 am Tuesday are on the list for the current order. Once volunteers and staff catch up on filling those orders, Sterbenz says, he will reopen the list. He expects that will happen later this week and will issue a notification when it happens.

People whose names were put on the list before 10 am Tuesday will be contacted once the radios are received for distribution.

Commissioner gave Sterbenz permission to continue the program as long as grant funding continues.

People with questions on the program should contact Communications Unit Leader Nelson Casteel at or by calling 785-233-8200 extension 4747.