List Of Shawnee Co. Candidates For Spring Election

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Officials Tuesday released the unofficial ballot of candidates running for election in Shawnee County. An official ballot will be released at a later time.

To see candidates for City of Topeka positions, click here.

Auburn Mayor
Timothy Reh Cochran

Auburn Council Members
Harry R Kober
Michelle "Micki" Bicknell
Brenda L. Schuette

Rossville Mayor
Kenneth D Wichman

Rossville Council Members
James F Meyer
Travis Dale Van Vleck

Silver Lake Council Members
Nancy Bryant
David Wayne Linderman
Thomas H. Noble

Willard Mayor
Melvin D Sage

Willard Council Members
Heather Renae Dunlap
Lynn Carol Davis
Loretta D Sage
Christine A Reetz

USD 345 District A Position 4
James (Jamie) Andrews

USD 345 District B Position 5
Michael Lesser

USD 345 District C Position 6
Susan Fowler-Hentzler

USD 372 Member-At-Large
Lance Eisenbarth
Tracy Higinbotham
Jason P. Seele

USD 437 District A Position 4
Jim Gartner

USD 437 District B Position 2
Patricia Brooke-Fruendt

USD 437 District B Position 5
Terry R Carney

USD 437 District C Position 6
Harold A Houck

USD 450 District A Postition 4
Gene L Edwards
Kevin L McGinnis

USD 450 District B Position 5
Chance Lammer
Jason Andrew Schultz
James ZAimmerman

USD 450 District C Position 6
Russell E Doty
Shawn Maisberger
Richard Mills

USD 501 District 1 Position 1
John R Williams

USD 501 District 2 Position 2
Michael R Morrison

USD 501 District 3 Position 3
Scotty Lyman Michelsen