Cleaning Up After Monday's Storms

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- The high winds that blew through northeast Kansas on Monday left many people with a lot of cleanup work to do.

In Wabaunsee Co., where tree limbs littered the streets and yards, neighbors helped neighbors clean up while electricians worked to get the power back on. The wind blew so hard through the area that some there headed for the safety of their basement.

Nearby Eskridge was hit even harder, according to Waubaunsee Co. Sheriff Doug Howser. He said the city suffered wind damage and had nearly an inch of rain. That wind blew the roofs off several garages and hay shed roofs. The local car wash also suffered roof damage.

Toppled trees caused power lines and utility poles to collapse and left some customers without power for several hours.

Winds topped 60 mph around Riley Co., while hail and rain brought down tree limbs and power lines. A section of Highway 24, from U.S. 77 to K-113, was closed while crews continue to work to clear those lines. It reopened around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. Several Manhattan streets were blocked by large limbs as well.

More than 500 trees were either toppled or damaged as a result of 60 to 80 mph winds last night. Trees in surrounding neighborhoods were also uprooted and thrown into driveways and homes.

Penny-sized hail and downed trees were reported in the Kansas City-area too. Lightning struck a home in the 6000 block of Birch Street in Mission and sparked a fire in the attic.

Firefighters quickly got it under control and ho one was hurt.

Firefighters also worked to house fires in the Paola area that were apparently caused by lightning as well.

At its peak overnight, Westar Energy reported more than $20,000 customers without power across the state. Crews have come a long way in the restoration efforts. Riley Co. had nearly 3,000 customers out last night - and that's down to under 200 now. Leavenworth Co. topped 7,000 at its highest, which is down to 500 now. Sixty-one hundred were without power in Douglas Co. at one point and that's been knocked down to less than 300 are still affected. Wabaunsee Co. has 240 still without power out of around 900 last night.

Lightning over Fort Riley (Submitted by: Alyssa Heater)