Setting the Stage to Sell Your Home

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This article is published in partnership with the Topeka & Shawnee Co. Public Library.

Selling your home can be a stressful endeavor, especially if your home doesn’t necessarily pop compared to other homes on the block. Luckily the library can help get the most out of your home. Visit the home neighborhood to see our wide range of books on home staging. We have a variety of resources that give you tips, ideas, and the how-to to add quick value to your home.

The before and after images are something I love browsing because it really enforces how small changes can make a huge difference. A simple painting fix, or even just removing that extra end table can really make a room stand out. One of the best and most frequently mentioned tip I found was to find an outside viewer of your home. A friend that hasn’t seen your home in a long time, a faraway relative visiting, or maybe a great coworker who can be straight with you. This person will act as an extra set of eyes to see those cracks, marks, and other blemishes that you pass by every day without a second glance. It really helps if they have a different taste in decorating as you can see what potential buyers will find okay, and what might need to change.

Some Great and Easy Ideas

Unclutter your home – When prospective home buyers view your home, they want to imagine their own belongings in your home. Remove all family photos and messages like “Wildcat Fan Lives Here!” Remove extra and unnecessary furniture. Take the “you” out of your home.

Clean and Organize – An organized and clean house helps sell your home quicker. Don’t just throw all of those items in closets either. If you are still living in your home while selling, consider getting a storage unit or storing some of that extra stuff at a relative’s home. Consider a toy chest for the kid’s room to hide all the fun toys. Make those small closets look large by having everything neatly stacked and organized.

Make the Repair – Even if your home is older and shows its age, you can still fix those cracks and spots that a potential buyer will see. Patch the holes and cracks with tape and mud, paint over blemishes and stains. Remember if you are painting small areas to feather the area so it blends with the rest of the painted area.

Add Appeal – Curb appeal is something a lot of homeowners neglect when selling. Make sure the lawn is mowed, the gutters are clean, and the trashcans are hidden. Look at the driveway for cracks and repair if necessary. If you have a gravel driveway, consider adding more gravel to low lying areas. River rocks are great near ditches to hide weeds and help prevent erosion. Make sure the garden has mulch, the bushes are trimmed down and back away from the house. Remove any large trees or bushes that block the view of your home, your home is what you are showcasing and should be the main focus.

After you apply some easy changes to your home, hopefully your home will sell a bit quicker with more than you originally were thinking of asking for. You may even change your mind about selling after you seeing your new changes.

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