Senior Mobility Was A Hot Topic At A Kansas Senior Driving Summit

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National and local experts met to discuss the future of senior mobility.

The Kansas Senior Driving Summit brought people together to discuss elderly and medically at risk drivers and their ability to obtain or maintain a driver's license.

AAA says older adult drivers are actually the safest because they are more likely to wear seatbelts and less likely to drink and drive, but they say a small group fuels misconceptions.

'It's those people that we see crash into grocery stores or dry cleaners and end up in the media. That's when the stereotyping starts to begin. So it's really important to remember that birthdays don't kill people, medical fitness to drive is really what the challenge is," Jacob Nelson, Dir., Traffic Safety Advocacy and Research, AAA.

AAA states more than 5,000 people age 65 and older are killed and more than 18,000 are injured in car accidents each year.