Sen. Moran Calls For VA Secretary To Resign

Kansas US Senator Moran, a member of the Veterans Affair Committee, in a speech from the floor of the Senate, today called for the current VA Secretary Eric Shinseki to resign, following accusations of multiple VA failures.

Moran cited a number of Kansas veterans who had been disregarded by The VA.

In his speech, Sen Moran said, " Veterans are waiting for action and yet the VA continues to operate in the same old bureaucratic fashion, settling for mediocrity and continued disservice to our nation’s heroes,” Sen. Moran said. “There’s a difference in wanting change and leading it to happen. Today I am demanding accountability and true transformation within the VA system in its culture from top to bottom and all across the country. Secretary Shinseki is seemingly unwilling or unable to do so and change must be made at the top.”

Here is Sen Moran's complete speech

Tuesday morning The American Legion and Concerned Veterans for America called for Shinseki to step down.

Moran has been a member of the Veterans' Affairs Committee for 18 years.

Posted by Greg Palmer