Back To Normal: Hwy 75 Flyover Ramp Reopens

TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW) The southbound US-75 to eastbound I-70 flyover reopened as of 2:45p.m. Friday according to the Kansas Department of Transportation.

The overturned semi caused substantial disruption for drivers. The big rig tipped on its side just before 7:30 am on the ramp. Topeka Police said it appears the driver took the curve too fast.

KDOT officials say the truck was hauling refrigerator pig quarters to Mexico. Police say because food products were involved, they had to call an agriculture inspector to the scene.

It was among several factors that delayed re-opening the road. Officials initially anticipated clearing the scene in two to three hours, but, once crews got the trailer upright, they realized damage was so extensive, they couldn't drive it off. Instead, they had to physically dismantle it, which delayed getting the road reopened. There also was a language barrier with the driver that necessitated calling a translator to assist.

Officials say the vehicle's occupants made it out safely with no injuries.

Posted by Greg Palmer/Melissa Brunner