Sedgwick County Inmate Describes Alleged Rape By Jailer

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(KAKE)-- A preliminary hearing is underway for a former jailer accused of raping inmates at the Sedgwick County Detention Facility.

This morning, several Sedgwick County jail inmates said they were raped by former detention deputy David Kendall. Kendall is accused of raping six inmates between April and June of 2012.

One inmate testified that Kendall raped him in his cell on April 15, 2012. The inmate said the day before the alleged rape Kendall told him that he was "looking good" after the inmate was playing basketball. The next night, the inmate said Kendall came into his cell while he was sleeping and forced him against the wall and touched his genitals.

He went on to say the following night Kendall returned, this time he "slammed" him on his bed and Kendall raped him. The inmate told the judge he tried to get Kendall to get off of him, but he couldn't.

During cross examination, the inmate testified he didn't report the rape because he was afraid of Kendall and other inmates because the other inmates liked Kendall. He also said Kendall threatened the inmate saying he would get more charges against him.

Defense attorney Charlie O'Hara asked the inmate why he didn't scream or yell for help. The inmate responded by saying he was afraid. Only after seeing a news report about another rape, did the inmate report the incident to a private attorney.

The inmate said through his attorney he was asking for $10 million in damages because of the alleged rape. The inmate also said he was trying to get his plea agreement amended to less time in his criminal case because of the alleged rape by Kendall