Second Neighborhood Summit Provides Solutions

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)-Concerned citizens gathered to voice their opinions at the 2nd Topeka Neighborhood Summit.

At the1st Neighborhood Summit, residents shared their concerns
on property maintenance, parks, communication and public safety.

At this Neighborhood Summit, the Mayor and Council members focused on solutions to their concerns.

For Topeka citizen, John Moyer, communication within his neighborhood is important. And that is what brought him out to the 2nd Neighborhood Summit.

" I see that the city is making an attempt to get input from individual citizens and my hope is that this is a catalyst for making the city better," said Moyer.

He, along with other concerned citizens, stood up to voice their thoughts, opinions and solutions on how to improve the city. The City Manager and Council members listened in as Mayor Larry Wolgast led the session.

Their ideas were organized into categories of public safety, housing, communication and parks. Many topics were discussed; among them was the need for more code compliance officers and simple ways to communicate. Organizers say it's vital to hear what citizens have to say.

"We want to hear from every constituent, on what is is were doing right, and what it is were we can do in a better fashion, so this is what we need, dialog makes change," said Monique Glaude, Resident Liaison Services.

"And when you are aware, then you will want to, you will accept what is being done, and you will want to see the it is sustained over long term," said Topeka citizen of 25 years, Noelle StClaire.

At the end of the session, Shawnee County residents voted for the best solutions. Moyer says he hopes his input makes a change.

"It's worth a try and hopefully from it some really good solutions will come out of it and we will have a better city for it," said Moyer.