Second Life For Wichita's Marijuana Decriminalization Effort

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WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) -- A move to decriminalize marijuana in Wichita is not dead. The Wichita City Council voted 7-0 today to allow supporters of decriminalization to work with city legal staff to word a new petition. The issue could come up for a public vote in April, 2015.

A petition to put the issue on the November ballot fell short by 47 names. Petition organizers said they will keep working to get those names validated. They face a deadline of August 28th for the issue to come up for a potential public vote in November.

Council members heard from several speakers, including former gubernatorial candidate Jennifer Winn. Winn said 56 percent of the people incarcerated in Kansas are in for non-violent, victimless crimes. "It costs us $132 million every year. That is out of control," Winn said.